The Freedom Road

David Icke:
~ The human journey 7000 BC to 2012 AD ~

68-The Freedom Road

Control of the left hemisphere and disconnection of the Soul
(0:00 – 3:40)  How they control our left and right hemispheres of the brain.
(7:15 – 15:00)  What happens when you cut communication with our Higher Self.
The Road Back To Freedom (The One Great Spirit)

Complete Presentation:
The Freedom Road

Freedom or Fascism

David Icke:
Freedom or Fascism
Brixton Academy

68-Freedom or Fascism - The Time to Choose

David Icke weaves together more than 16 years of painstaking research and determined investigation into the Global Conspiracy and the extraordinary “sting” being perpetrated on an amnesic human race. Icke is the Dot Connector and he uses hundreds of illustrations to reveal the hidden story behind apparently unconnected world events.

How are we controlled? Who are the controllers? Why do they seek to control us? He exposes the real background to 9/11 and the bogus “war on terror”, and presents an extraordinary explanation of why “reality” is only an illusion.
It is a life-changing experience, a truly stunning, high quality production from the world’s foremost “conspiracy” writer and researcher of truth.

Part 1 – The Five Sense Conspiracy
Part 2 – The Agenda And Networks Today
Part 3 – Seeing Is Believing?

The Lion Sleeps No More

David Icke:
The Lion Sleeps No More
Brixton Academy
May 15, 2010

68-The Lion Sleeps No More

Complete Presentation:
Human Race, Get Off Your Knees “The Lion Sleeps No More”
(0:02:50)Section 1: I am Not David Icke
(1:38:30) Section 2:Moon Control
(3:26:35) Section 3:The Global Agenda
(5:02:20) Section 4:Truth Vibrations

David Icke – Illuminati Bloodlines Manipulating Reality (its all in the blood)
Obama and The Agenda To Destroy America…
The Arrival Reptilian Empire
The Holographic Illusion of Reality

Human Race, Get Off Your Knees

David Icke:
Human Race, Get Off Your Knees
~ The Lion Sleeps No More ~
by Project Avalon
May 19, 2010

68-David Icke 5

David Icke talks about his new book:
“Human Race, Get Off Your Knees – The Lion Sleeps No More”

David Icke talks with Jordan Maxwell
about “The Future of Planet Earth”
by Project Avalon
May 19, 2010

68-David Icke and Jordan Maxwell