What On Earth Is Happening

What On Earth Is Happening
Mark Passio
December 2008

64-Mark Passio - What On Earth Is Happening

Part 1 of 4: Consciousness, Polarity & The Human Brain
Themes:  the nature of human Consciousness; the Emotional Polarities and their internal and external manifestations; the structure of the human brain; Magic vs. Sorcery; the nature of Good and Evil; brain imbalance explained.  (1:54 hrs)

Part 2 of 4: Occult Influence, Mind Control & Astrotheology
Themes:  the basic nature of the most significant problem we collectively face as a species; an introduction to the hidden forces of Dark Occultism at work in our lives; the multi-faceted methods by which human Consciousness is manipulated on a daily basis; understanding religion as Astro-Theology.  (2:59 hrs)

Part 3 of 4: Subversive Symbolism, The Hegelian Dialectic & The Globalist Agenda
Themes:  how symbolism is used for influence and control; specific symbols and their interpretations; the Hegelian Dialectic; a breakdown of the 9/11 ritual; an analysis of the globalist esoteric agenda.  (2:53 hrs)

Part 4 of 4: Sovereignty, Natural Law & Grassroots Solutions For REAL Change
Themes: Sovereignty; Natural Law; Spiritual Anarchy; specific Grassroots Solutions that can be employed for healing imbalances in Consciousness and ushering in positive change through personal empowerment.  (1:48 hrs)

“New” Age Bullshit

Extended Video Podcast Edition:
“New” Age Bullshit and
The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine
Mark Passio
April 27, 2013

64-Mark Passio - New Age BS

Or Are You In A “Spiritual Trap” Designed To Make You Think You Are?
In this presentation, spiritual teacher and whistleblower Mark Passio will talk about the “New” Age Movement as a Religion that has been created to deliberately prevent Humanity from developing a deep understanding of Natural Law, the information that they most need to understand in order to break out of the Human Condition of Slavery and become truly Free. Mark will expose many subtle “New” Age Deceptions which have been disguised as spiritual teachings, and then offer corrections which convey deeper spiritual truths to balance each deception. If you have been lured into the feel-good “spirituality” of the “New” Age Movement, this is a critically important presentation that you need to see to understand how you are being deceived.
(This is the extended podcast version of the presentation Mark Passio gave on April 27, 2013)  (7:03 hrs)

Deception #1: Ignore The “Negative”  (2:15:26)
Deception #2: Never Get Angry  (2:32:10)
Deception #3: We’re ALL ONE, So It’s ALL Good  (2:50:41)
Deception #4: You Can Never Really Know (Solipsism)  (3:16:10)
Deception #5: Accept, Accept, Accept… But NEVER Resist (What You Resist, Persists)  (3:37:00)
Deception #6: The Watered-Down Version Of The Laws Of Attraction  (5:03:44)
Deception #7: The False Notion Of Forgiveness  (5:30:48)
Deception #8: Chaos Should Be Feared  (5:39:56)
Deception #9: Enlightenment Is ONLY About Changing Yourself  (6:37:51)
Deception #10: Truth Doesn’t Need To Be Defended  (6:48:53)

“New” Age Bullshit and
The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine
Mark Passio
April 27, 2013
In this presentation Mark exposes 10 “New” Age Deceptions, and then offers balanced corrections to each distorted “New” Age “teaching.” If you have fallen for the “feel-good spirituality” of the “New” Age Movement, this presentation will provide a much-needed street-wise viewpoint, and help you to understand how you’ve been deceived by “New” Age Religion.  (1:23 hrs)

“Natural Law” and more Presentations

~ The REAL Law Of Attraction and How To Apply It In Your Life ~
Mark Passio
October 19, 2013

64-Mark Passio - Natural Law

Part 1:  (2:02 hrs)
Part 2:  (3:28 hrs)
Part 3:  (3:16 hrs)

Cosmic Abandonment
Mark Passio
December 12, 2013
In this two-hour presentation, Mark links ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet with the manifestation of the psychological conditions in which the human species currently finds itself. Questions explored include: Were we actually created by non-human entities as a hybrid slave species? Did our extraterrestrial “parents” inadvertently create a slew of genetic anomalies in the human species, including primary psychopathy, as a result of their imprecise genetic modifications? Did our extraterrestrial forbearers provide to us our systems of government, money, and religion; and to what ends did they do so? What effect did our “cosmic parents” sudden disappearance have upon the collective human psyche? What does humanity need to understand to rectify the deeply-seated psychological trauma that it has amassed over eons, as a direct result of our troubled origins?  (2:17 hrs)

Scarcity To Abundance
Mark Passio
January 6, 2013
Mark spoke about the main reasons why humanity has not manifested Free Energy technology in any way that is open and beneficial to our species.  (18 min)

Free Energy – From Suppression To Manifestation?
Mark Passio
January 11, 2014
In this presentation, Mark explains that the manifestation of Free Energy
technology for the betterment of Humanity is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve while
SLAVERY remains the Human Condition. Slavery must be ended FIRST before Free
Energy can manifest.  (34 min)