The Moon is not Real

David Icke:
The Moon is not Real
by Project Avalon
May 19, 2010

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(Starts talking about the moon in min 6:25)
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What About The Moon?
Willem de Ridder interviews David Icke
Holland, June 2011

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Saturn-Moon Matrix

David Icke:
Saturn-Moon Matrix

59-David Icke

David Icke – Saturn Worship
In this excerpt, David explains how religions push people to worship the mystical planet-sun. Saturn: Satan.
(July 6, 2012)

David Icke – Saturn and The Moon Matrix

Alan Steinfeld talks to David Icke about the Saturn-Moon Matrix

David Icke – Saturn-Moon Matrix
(‘Remember Who You Are’, Wembley Arena, 2012)

Moon Rising

Moon Rising

Jose Escamilla, 2012

59-Moon Rising

Moon Rising is a documentary movie that focuses on his claim that the U.S.
government has been deceiving the world regarding the presence of
extraterrestrials on the moon. Also discusses the claim that the Apollo
missions to the moon were faked.

The Moon

The Moon
channeled by Mark Kimmel


Artifical Moon:
“The Moon, an Artificial Satellite, placed here by the Dark Energy to harness Earth, will be removed.”

Earth’s Axis:
“A very powerful dark force tilted Earth’s axis of rotation. This was done, to show the very planet the power of the darknessto place her in chains if you will.”

Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system.
In the beginning:“The sky was clear, the water pure, and the land was 
fertile in every region of the planet. There were no extremes of seasons such as you have today, because the tilt of the planet was not as extreme. The landmasses were in place, but the tectonic plates were in motion. There was more volcanic activity then today. There was little extreme weather. Earth did not have a moon.”

Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system.
“When we last communicated, I said to you that the Earth originally had no moon. The artificial satellite, which you call “the moon,” was inserted into Earth’s orbit quite recently in terms of the life of the planet.

As you can imagine it took a great power to do this. Observations of the backside of the moon, by human probes and astronauts, confirm that there are artificial structures there. These are part of the artificial nature of the moon. Earth’s moon does not rotate because she is an observation platform.

The moon has major effects on the planet and her people. It causes the tides, which wash the shore of the land unevenly, and affects fisherman and others who must traverse the seas. The moon affects the cycles of women. The moon also creates an artificial time.

These are but part of the control placed upon this planet and her people by a very powerful dark force that enslaved this region of the galaxy. In addition to inserting the moon, it tilted Earth’s axis of rotation. Earth was not tilted prior to this point. This was done, to show the very planet the power of the darkness, to place her in chains if you will.

Over the next few months, we will remove the moon, and we will right the planet on her axis. Earth will then spin perpendicular to her rotation about the sun, her original rotation. This will moderate the climate of the planet. The temperate zones will no longer experience seasons; growing will be extended to year round, like in more tropical climates. Then the continued heating of the planet will bring about an even more expanded zone in which the climate will be conducive to growing food and other plants. The tropical zone will not be unduly hot.

You can imagine that there will be effects on the weather. That is why we are moving the axis of the planet quite slowly. We anticipate that it may also produce strains on the tectonic plates. We anticipate that after a short period of time, the climate will attain stability, so there will be no more hurricanes or tornadoes. We believe it will be more stable, salubrious and moderate, more conducive to human habitation, without the need for technology to battle a constantly cycling climate.

The removal of the moon will also be done slowly so as to interrupt things on the planet’s surface minimally. It will be withdrawn gradually, perpendicular to the surface. Over time you will see the moon gradually retreat from Earth.

These measures give the humans of Earth an idea of our commitment to helping you. We are restoring Earth to that which it was prior to envelopment by the dark. That dark power has now been dissipated by the combined efforts of your brothers and sisters from other star systems. This has been a project of significant magnitude, a cooperative effort of unprecedented size. It will require continued efforts, involving many large craft, to tow away the moon and to right the axis of the planet.

Cleaning the surface of the planet from the effects of the darkness will be easier. However, it will require the skill of a surgeon, rather than the meat clever of the butcher; the people of Earth will be intimately involved in that process.

I am Breton of Andromeda. I bid you good by until our next communication. All aboard send their love to our brothers and sisters on the planet.”

Earth speaks
“In addition to tilting my rotation, the darkness placed an artificial satellite in orbit around me. One purpose the moon was to tug at me constantly, to remind me that the darkness was controlling me. I resisted, until a balance was created between the desires of the dark energy and that which I would tolerate. I did not easily give up my tranquility and my beauty, but like a wild horse, I was eventually tamed. However, like the horse, I did not stop being a horse, I merely became accustomed to the bridal and saddle: the moon and my new tilt.”

Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system.
“I wish to provide a preview of an event 
that will take place. As others and I have told you, the moon is an artificial satellite. We will rotate it so that its dark side will face Earth. That side has never been shown to you surface dwellers before. You will be able to see the structures on the moon with the naked eye, or more clearly with a telescope. This will signal the unfolding of our appearance, our interaction with you. For this we do not require that your governments initiate a stand down. In fact, this should encourage the governments of your world to do so that our ships might finally show themselves.”

Adrial, a celestial of this universe.
“The technology received from alien 
races, plus the billions of dollars spent on their development, have now resulted in secret military bases on the moon and on Mars. Alien technology is at the heart of projects such as HAARP that seek to control human behavior by broadcasting frequencies to induce fear. Other mind control techniques are regularly practiced on human subjects to compromise those in power and to create instruments of death.”

Adrial, a celestial of this universe.
“Many on this planet honor 
the moon with monthly rituals, songs to its beauty, and beliefs that tides are vital. Yet the truth is that the moon is an artificial satellite. That it is a hollow sphere that was placed in orbit about the planet as an observation platform, as a convenient way station for travelers. Yet the vast majority of people believe the moon to be a vital part of their lives. It is another illusion that forms the bars of your prison.”

Adrial, a celestial of this universe.
“Another aspect of attaining a more 
pleasant and salubrious climate is the correction of Earth’s tilt. The dark energy moved her from a vertical axis to the tilt that produced seasons. This is being corrected as a part of creating a more pleasant climate worldwide. Another aspect of Earth’s transformation will be the removal of the artificial satellite that you call the moon. The dark energy placed it here many, many years ago as an observatory, and as a control mechanism. Your space brothers and sisters will remove it.”