JFK assassination revealed

John F. Kennedy assassination revealed

Jesse Ventura, former governor, exposes the conspiracy behind the JFK murder through the deathbed confession of a high ranking CIA agent who was directly involved in the incident. The assassination was planned at highest hold of the Government with several high ranking politicians and governmental employees involved. Is there a present connection between those now in control, from Obama and back through, Bush (I & II), Clinton, Gerald Ford to Nixon and those who were responsible for ordering the removal of John F. Kennedy? The secret tape recordings of the confession will stun you and expose the conspiracy for what it really was all about!

JFK deathbed confession by Insider!
(7 minutes)

JFK deathbed confession – Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
(13 minutes)

The JFK Cover-up:  E. Howard Hunt Interview

In this rarely seen footage, former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt discusses his knowledge of and participation in the plot to kill John F. Kennedy in a video testimony he gave shortly before his death. Rolling Stone and a few other publications have covered Hunt’s audio confession (released in April 2007), but few people have yet seen the information the infamous White House ‘plumber’ left behind to shed light on the figures involved in the plot. Here, Howard Hunt discusses LBJ, who saw Kennedy as an ‘obstacle’ to the presidency. According to Hunt, LBJ consorted with top CIA officials Cord Meyer and William K. Harvey to carry out the plot. (INFOWARS.COM)


JFK II – The Bush Connection

JFK II – The Bush Connection

Robert Kennedy Shares a Video Detailing Who Killed JFK
“Wow, this video is pretty hot stuff, folks. Thanks to Roth for sending it in.
Not because it’s timely because it was actually posted first to Prison Planet subscribers back in 2003. But because, according to Alexandra at Forbidden Knowledge TV, it was endorsed at a recent press conference by Robert Kennedy, which brings it far more prominence than it might have had otherwise.
We’ve discussed the matter numerous times here – how George Bush Sr. was standing outside the Texas Book Repository the day Kennedy was assassinated, a young CIA agent who participated with many others in the murder of the President. Billy Cooper alleged that the Office of Naval Intelligence was involved, the CIA, and many others who did not want JFK to disclose the existence of extraterrestrials, to shut down the CIA, or do numerous other acts that would have dealt the cabal a huge blow in those days.
Most people still do not know the total role of the Bushes in attempting to bring America and the world under cabal domination.” (Commentary by Steve Beckow)