The Truth about the UNITED STATES

 53-The truth about the United States - Barnone11970The Truth about the UNITED STATES, LAW & YOU…
February 5, 2014

This is a MUST WATCH ! !

Very good starting point! This video will help those who are new to what is really going on behind the scenes. Video which explains what happened to the U.S government, your birth certificate, admiralty law, etc.
Learn what has happened and share it with people you wish to help understand how we became enslaved. PLEASE SHARE ! ! !

Civil Law and UCC Law

Maritime Admiralty Law

53-Maritime Law Enforcement AcademyCapital Letters – Natural Person vs Artificial Person
(An extract from “Esoteric Agenda”)

The Freeman and Strawman explained  (24:21 – 34:10)
(An extract from the “
Esoteric Agenda 2: Kymatica”)

Jordan Maxwell:
Two kinds of Law: Civil Law and UCC Law

53-Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell – Civil Law & UCC Law
~You are Born as a Corporation Owned Item~
Jordan Maxwell – ‘Occult World Leaders’  (16:24 – 24:12)
You are a Corporation owned by the Banks
Nov. 2013:

53-Willis Claire - EarTag

Jordan Maxwell – LAWS of the LAND vs LAWS of the SEA
The Jordan Maxwell Show: Episode 16
March 20, 2013:
“The United States vs. the United States of America. All started after the civil war. 1871.”
“They owns YOU!”

Santos Bonacci: “The Corporate You”

 To better understand the basic story of this, watch first these videos on Papal Bulls:

Santos Bonacci: “The Corporate You”

53-Santos Bonacci

Sovereignty and Language
Santos Bonacci and Johnny Guzman
April30, 2012:
Join us tonight to explore the sovereign movement, and the language to understand natural law and true freedom.

The Federal Income Tax
Santos Bonacci and Johnny Guzman
May 28, 2012:
Tonight: The Federal Income Tax “Do We Have To Pay?”
Join to take a look at this Income Tax perpetrated on the US citizens and citizens around the world.

Are We Really Free? “The Corporate You”
Santos Bonacci and Johnny Guzman
June 25, 2012:
Tonight’s Topic: Are We Really Free? “The Corporate You” Join Johnny and Santos to get a full understanding of the lies and manipulation the so called “Legal Judiciary” system has perpetrated on us.

USA is a Corporation

53-USA Corp Logo

UNITED STATES is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions

USA is a Corporation Owned by London and Controlled by The Vatican
Act of 1871 Washington DC

February 21, 1871: USA changed from a Country into a Corporation

Taking it Back to the Beginning
from Removing the Shackles: Article

 Your Legal Personality & The U.S Corporation:
– The United States Is A Corporation!
– Meet Your Strawman!
– There Is No Constitution Anymore!
– Your Being Traded On The Stock Market!
– Sovereignty
– The Legalities of All-Capital-Letters Names (your drivers license)

53-USA is a Corporation

Your property, even including you children are property of the UNITED STATES Corporation.
We are under Roman Civil Law! Until you understand the history, you will never know how big this conspiracy really is! We need the Republic of the United States back! “We need a REVOLUTION, not one of Violence but one of Education”