Reptilians: Brotherhood of the SNAKE

Brotherhood of the SNAKE

44-Eagle Anunnaki 1

~ Anunnaki Warrior ~
These clay tablets told the history of the Sumerian empire. An empire which was formed by alien invaders called the Anunnaki.

Video based on historical data that describe the reality of the existence of an alien race of reptilian form (the annunaki), which controls the planet since the beginning of man, through Sumerian, Babylon and Egypt. Which gave knowledge developed at that time to their genetic offspring: the Nephilim (the royalty and the political establishment) in order that they rule the world and humanity as a whole so far.
A short documentry regarding extraterrestrial intervention and their influence in ancient civilisations.

44-Eagle USAThe EAGLE is a common symbol acknowledging the Anunnaki Star gods.

Ancients Extraterrestrial Intervention
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

44-Reptilians 1Reptilian Rulers

Alex Collier – Reptilians and Human Beings

Human DNA Manipulation

Harmful Modification of Human DNA
by the Alien Elite
by Alcyon Pleiades 11

44-DNA 2
1:30  The Oliggarchic Domineering Alien-Elite and their Harmful Intent to Genetically Modify the Human Race
31:10  Evidence Of Dark Schemes and an Attempt To Wipe Out the Human Race
1:08:45  The Urgent Need To Free Ourselves From The Inheritance Imposed Upon Us By The Dark Exploiters