The Fall of the Pentagram Five

The Fall of the Pentagram Five
~ Illuminati illusion dissolves in disarray ~

44-The Satanic Circle 2

David Rockefeller
Queen Elizabeth II
George Bush Senior
Josef Ratzinger (the Pope)
Evelyn de Rothschild

44-Illuminati bloodlines.An illusion it will be   44-The Satanic Circle

Excerpt from message:
On Monday 1st October 2012, writing from Japan (full text here), the English Language spokesman of the White Dragon Society and its Asian affiliates cited Western intelligence sources in his claim that the old pentagram of corrupt global power, David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior, Queen Elizabeth II, Evelyn de Rothschild and Josef Ratzinger (the Pope) is running out of money and fiddling while Rome burns.
At present The Pentagram Five are reported to be in deep disarray about what to do with the emerging torrent of disclosures which are laying bare their involvement in global financial theft, Black Magic, human sacrifice, child abduction, ritual paedophilia, and gerrymandering interference in Western elections.

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