~ BluePrint For Global Enslavement ~
by Alex Jones

The Illuminati are breaking people down until we “give up and create the North American Union”. His research has lead him to the belief that this is all leading to an eventual One World Government.

The U.S. Dollar Bill

The U.S. Dollar Bill
and the Hidden Symbols

42-Dollar Pyramid   42-Dollar Eagle

Decoding the Past – Secrets of the Dollar Bill

– – – – –
New World Order – Illuminati – Dollar
Illuminati / New World Order Conspiracy in the U.S. Dollar Bill

42-Moloch - Dios Illuminati Bohemian Grove

Journalist infiltrate Illuminati Ritual. Top Secret.
Guide To: Bohemian Grove
Moloch by Allen Ginsberg (from Howl movie)

Super Soldier Summit

Super Soldier Summit
Las Vegas, May 2013

42-SSS Erin Green Hicks  42-SSS Rachel

Bases 25 Part One with Erin Green Hicks
Erin Green Hicks, a Rothschild-Sinclair, describes some of her family’s issues.
Explains the importance of the darkness to reach the light. People’s roles on Earth.

Bases 25 Part Two with Super Soldier Rachel
She claims to be a test tube baby, manufactured in the underground labs. She is extremely telepathic, and states clearly she is a survivor of many of the horrors of these bases, where caged children are connected to a system. Her message is that of survival. Injected with the Black Goo, surviving a Shape Shifting Queen Elesiebath II, who she claims became a Draco Raptor.
Her message has many vital issues. In every respect a sensitive, empathic and beautiful young woman, with an important message, for us all.

A Rothschild Speaks Out
Project Camelot
May 29, 2013

42-Erin Rothschild

A Rothschild Speaks Out
Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati mind control and satanic rituals…

SuperSoldiers – Michael Prince and Max Spears
This interview may not be for everyone. It contains some rather shocking point blank statements by supersoldiers who are freely admitting that they are in service to the 4th Reich and are operating as assassins. There is no doubt that this is some kind of statement from one faction of the cabal to a faction of the Rothschilds and to the world at large.

Rothschild, Israel, Nazi, Holocaust…

63-Triad of Evil The Rothschilds 500 Trillion Dollars

The (True) history of the Zionist State of Israel

Eustace Mullins – “NA-ZI” The Nazi Party and The Holocaust
The word Nazi is a combination between the National Socialist Party and the Zionist Party: Na Zi. The same people are running Israel now and trying to start a war with Iran. NA+ZI Alliance to create Israel through Holocaust.