Illusion and Reality

Illusion and Reality
(Excerpt from “Esoteric Agenda” documentary)

28-Illusion and Reality

Reality is an Illusion
Part 1:
Part 2:

Consciousness Drives The Universe

28-Gregg Braden - Power of Subconscious Mind

Gregg Braden – Power of Subconscious Mind

Gregg Braden on Consciousness

What the Bleep!?

What the Bleep!?  Down the Rabbit Hole

28-What the Bleep - Down the Rabbit Hole

What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a film that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. The plot follows the story of a photographer as she encounters emotional and existential obstacles in her life and begins to consider the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world.
On August 1, 2006 What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole was released, containing two extended versions of What the Bleep Do We Know!?.

Extended version (2:28 hours):
What The Bleep!?  Down The Rabbit Hole
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
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Part 15:
Part 16:

Short version (1:49 hours):
What The Bleep Do We Know!?

Dr. Quantum 28-Dr. QuantumDr. Quantum – Double Slit Experiment
Dr. Quantum – Flatland

The Act of Observation creates the Atom28-OjosMax Igan on Energy and Consciousness
(0:35 – 5:45)