Jeshua, channeled by Pamela Kribbe


Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread LIGHT – knowledge, freedom and self-love – on earth. They sense this as their mission. They are often attracted to spirituality and to therapeutic work of some kind.
Lightworkers feel drawn to helping people as a therapist or as a teacher.
Often feel different from other people.
Are nearly always solitary individuals.
They are kind-hearted, sensitive and empathic.

Lightworker I
I. The Lightworker’s identity
A note on the notion of “lightworker”
Historical roots of lightworkers
c. Psychological characteristics of lightworkers
d. Getting lost: the lightworker’s pitfall

Lightworker II
I. The Galactic History of Lightworkers
The birth of the soul
The development of life and consciousness on earth
Consciousness evolving: infant stage, maturity, old age
a. The earth souls entering the ego stage; the appearance of human beings on earth
Galactic influences on man and earth
c. Galactic roots of Lightworker souls
d. The end of the ego stage for Lightworkers

Lightworker III
Lightworkers incarnating on Earth

The Way of the Lightworker

11-Sanacion - Imposicion de manos y nivel aurico“You who are reading this, and who feel drawn to the Christ energy, are someone who longs to shine your inner light out into the world. You long to manifest as a lightworker, meaning that you feel the desire to spread light and raise awareness on Earth. Your passion is pure and real; it comes from the core of who you are, from your soul. It is the spark of God within you which leads you to this desire, for it is natural for God to want to share joy, light and compassion. Whenever you feel happy in expressing who you really are, you are feeling God’s happiness too, for you and God are one at heart!
You often wonder what light work is really about. What does it mean to spread light, or to offer healing to other people?  This is the question I’d like to address today.”

Warriors of the Light

Warriors of the Light
Melchizedek, channeled by Méline Lafont

11-Puente hacia la Luz

You are defenders and Warriors of the Light; keep your light torches high and enlighten the whole world; don’t let even the smallest particle escape from your loving and warm embrace. Indeed, you are Light beings, you are Upper gods, Masters, Angels, Star seed, Stars, Suns, Love, Light energies… You are all incarnated with just one purpose: Your Ascension! So let’s get on with the show and let’s do the things you came here to dojoin hands in cooperation as this is the way to go. We are all One, never forget that.

Let’s focus more specifically on yourself as the inner evolution and the inner changes will have an impact on the outer world that surrounds you. This is your personal approach and contribution for this world: to simply be Love and Light.

We wish to give you a pat on the shoulders and a warm hug as a way of saying thanks for your choice to be here in this present moment and to represent the Light. Certainly no easy task, as you know by now, but for you it was an easy choice when this question was asked to you. What is happening now is historic in scope and you are all part of it. This is much appreciated not only by the numerous galactic civilizations, to which many of you belong, but also by the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy as well as by all of the Lighted Realms. Together we are strong and as one unit we are going to cooperate.”  (Source)

You are the Beacon, you are the Light
Jeshua, channeled by JoAnne

11-Vida y Luz“Give yourself to all and to those that need you most. You are the beacon, you are the light. Give what you have and do what you must. Do not fear and do not conger up emotions that will be harmful to others and to yourself. Be at Peace. Be at Onement now and always. Find the eye of the storm and sit peacefully and quietly in this field of energy and absorb the sounds and light from the higher realms as you sit quietly. Posture yourself as the beacon and see yourself as the messenger of LIGHT. All is well my dearest children. Give to others. It is time.”  (Source)