Earth was Calling Out in Dire Need

Earth was Calling Out in Dire Need
Sananda, channeled by James McConnell

“For long, long time ago and yes in a galaxy far, far, far away, you experienced what is called a conclave. Many of you were there who were ready to experience a new evolution on this planet for the earth. Earth was calling out, earth was calling out in dire need, that there needed to be a change, a transformation on the earth and in the earth, and those people that were there at that time, those of you that were there, you experienced a tremendous love, a love that was unbridled at that time. You were in a direct connection with the God Source.

It was a grand time, a grand reunion, a grand union of people coming together to be of service, for that was the only thing that mattered at that time, was to be of service and you knew you were going to come to be of service to the earth and to the people of the earth. But, understand that at time many of you were called to this conclave but very few were chosen. You had to be chosen to be a part of this, you had to be of the Elect and yes it is the same as the Elect from your bible. They are one and the same. You are the Elect, you are the ones who came to be a part of this expression of the earth, to bring her out of the Dark ages and into the ages of Light and you each one, knew you had a tremendous up hill battle, you might say.

From the very beginning you knew that is was going to be difficult times, you knew you were going to havetremendous travails to pass through and you knew all along that your path would be very difficult to follow at times. But you also knew that there would be those who would mentor to you, those who would be within you. They would give you that little bit of inspiration that was needed to carry on when it was time for that.

Know and understand that at this time and at this place and at this moment, you have reached the end of those travails, you have reached the culmination of all that you came here to do, for certainly these are the end times that have been spoken of in the bible. These are those times when you have prepared to be a part of the new expression on the earth.It was said a long time ago, by myself as Jeshua, that there would be a new heaven and a new earth, and yes, that time is now.There will be a new earth, there will be a new heaven on earth, and you will be a part of that, each one of you, to be a part of this new expression, this new love that will cascade across the entire planet.

You are being prepared now to go into action, to go about your mission that you have been called here for. Several of you here have already been on your mission, have already been working on it, and others of you will be called very shortly to assume your position in this mission that you have taken on.Do understand you have all the help from the celestial heavens that you could possibly ask for. We are all here to assist you, no one will be left behind. For as the times come very shortly, you will be experiencing that which is the Ascension process, that which has been spoken of in many different realms, you will experience that very shortly.”  (Source)

It was your great Love and Compassion

“We know that many of you are weary and that you sometimes wonder why you raised your hand so enthusiastically when volunteers were being called to incarnate upon this Planet. It was your great Love and Compassion for not only Humanity that propelled you here but also the knowing that there was a still greater purpose unfolding in the Cosmos. Your deep courage and sense of adventure is being honored by all those of us who have walked the same path before you.”  (Hilarion)