Preview of Webinars

Preview of Webinars
by Sheldan Nidle

07-Sheldan Nidle

DVD: Inner Earth – Your Future Home
Preview: “AGARTHA – The Inner Earth”

Webinar 8: Hastening First Contact
Preview: “Zero-Point Energy”

Webinar 9: A Day in the Life of a Galactic Human
Preview: “Preparing for Landings”

Webinar 11: Tying it all Together
Preview: “The Anunnaki

Webinar 14: The Galactic Option
Preview: “Creating a New Consciousness”

Webinar 15: Polar Shifts, Earth Changes, and a New You
Preview: “Mono-Polar Realities”

Webinar 18: Ascension Training for a New Earth
Preview: “Mentored Light Training”

Webinar 19: Shaping Earth’s Divine Blueprint
Preview: “Planetary Light Grids”

Webinar 20: 2012 and the Mayan Calendar
Preview: “Time and Ascension”

Webinar 22: 2012 We’re Here… What’s Next?
Preview: “Network for Full Consciousness”

Webinar 23: Shifting Our Reality
Preview: “Where Disclosure Stands Now”

Webinar 24: A Heart to Heart Talk
Preview: “Why First Contact Now?”

Webinar 25: Understanding Right Divine Time
Preview: “The Flow of Right Divine Time”

Webinar 26: Spreading Love Not Fear
Preview: “Meditation for Spreading Love to Gaia”

Webinar 27: Understanding Our Timelines
Preview: “Secret Societies – Ascended Masters”
Preview of 
the complete webinar

Webinar 28: Technologies That Will Transform Our World
Preview: “Discovering Organic Technology”

Webinar 29: Signs of Change are All Around Us
Preview: “The Global Debt Crisis”

Webinar 30: Preparing for Disclosure
Preview: “Timing for Disclosure Announcements”–vXiauvc
Discernment Exercise: “The Art of Discernment”

Webinar 31: Our Return to Full Consciousness
Preview: “Meditation for DNA Activation”

Webinar 32:Life in the Fifth Dimension
Preview: “Entering the Fifth Dimension”

Webinar 33:Galactic Federation Members
Preview: “First Contactees Need to be Humans”

Webinar 34: Our Collapsing Timelines
Preview: “Converging Time”

Webinar 35:Battling Dimensional Fatigue
Preview: “Body Healing Meditation”

Webinar 36: Resetting Our Solar System
Preview: “Earth’s Origins”

Webinar 37: The Agarthans
Preview: “Hollow Earth”

Webinar 38: Sacred Geometry
Preview: “Earth’s Sacred Crystalline Geometry”