Declaration of Receipt


in  love  peace  and  gratitude


Ref. No. DOR-OPPT-hatj-DODD-hatj-07301972


I, eternal essence, duly deposited, domicil, and completely factualized in body July 30, 1972, also perceived as Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, duly recorded, secured, noticed, governed, bonded, insured and guaranteed, inclusive of Eternal, Universal and International Record No. 2013032035 and 2012127914, under perpetuity UCC Record No. 2000043135, and duly declared, duly declared, DECLARATION OF I, duly DONE, executed, and noticed, inclusive of the date of October 7, 2013, duly perfected, nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, inclusive of October 10, 2013, and DECLARATION OF DEPOSITORY AND DEPOSIT, reference number DODD-hatj-07301972, duly DONE, executed, noticed, and perfected, inclusive of October 27, 2013, all said records and Value duly made, issued, deposited, domicil, confirmed, reconfirmed, ratified, verified and noticed, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea, all restated and incorporated in full by reference as if set forth in full, without prejudice, at this moment, also perceived as November 1, 2013, DO duly make, issue, confirm, verify, reconfirm, ratify and notice this DECLARATION OF RECEIPT, with reference number DOR-OPPT-hatj-DODD-hatj-07301972, with full personal responsibility and liability, nunc pro tunc praetera preterea, and that this DECLARATION is true, accurate, correct, and I AM conscious and competent to say so:

I. I, eternal essence inbody, original depository and source of eternal essence Value, duly declare, reconfirm, ratify, verify and notice delivery of and the acceptance into custody, ownership, title, right, and holder-in-due course by I, with full responsibility, of the following:

A.  Receipt, specifically identified as Record Number 2012127914, restated, DECLARATION OF FACTS, duly done, made, issued and noticed by The One People’s Trust, for full title, ownership, rights, custody of Value in specificity and particularity:

1.  Value expressly identified as FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) pre-1933 Gold and Silver, lawful money of The United States of America, also identified by COMMERCIAL BILL, Record Number 2012114586, restated, as “EQUITY”;

2.  Value identified FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) pre-1933 Gold and Silver, lawful money of The United States of America, also identified by COMMERCIAL BILL, Record Number 2012114586, restated, as “DAMAGES”;

3.  TRUE BILL, specifically identified as Record No. 2012114776, restated;

B.  I DULY ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT Receipt, Record Number 2012127914, and the Value therein delivered, restated, with full responsibility, into actual custody and possession of and domicil in original depository and source of Value, DELCARATION OF DEPOSITORY AND DEPOSIT, with reference number DODD-hatj-07301972, restated, with automatic bookkeeping, accounting and auditing done, lawfully available for immediate utilization, management, operation, transfer, sale and conversion by the conscious WILL and WORD of I;

II. I, eternal essence inbody, original depository and source of eternal essence Value, duly declare, accept, reconfirm and verify that:

A.   I, inbody, retain full title, ownership, custodianship, trusteeship, operation, responsibility and liability of all that I DO in body and the Value domicil therein by I, eternal essence;

B.   I AM CONSCIOUS, with full responsibility, that all that I DO affects and effects ALL THAT IS;

C.  I AM the sole custodian, trustee, manager, bookkeeper, and record holder of this original depository, inclusive of implementation and operation of said original depository, and any and all Value of I domicil therein, duly produced, drawn, transferred, issued, managed, or operated therein and therefrom, recorded, noticed, transferred, delivered and received by energetic and magnetic record, bookkeeping, accounting and audit, inclusive of any and all mutually acceptable duly executed written representations that may be made thereof;

III. I, eternal essence, AM, completely factualized inbody, duly make, declare, issue, reconfirm, validate, verify and notice, with action of conscious duly executed wet-ink signature, this CONSCIOUS WILL AND WORD OF I, DECLARATION OF RECEIPT, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea, and that the specific conscious declarations made herein, are true, accurate, and complete, with full responsibility and liability of I, inbody, for all to rely upon as true, accurate, and complete. Furthermore, duly made and issued facsimiles and digital scans of this original DECLARATION OF RECEIPT is lawfully DECLARED to BE an original.

Without prejudice

I, eternal essence inbody, also perceived as Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
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Issued pursuant to and Governed by Rec. No. 2013032035 PRE-AUTHORIZED, PRE-APPROVED, and PRE-PAID, Ref. No. DODD-hatj-07301972  
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