Imagine Our World as a Theatrical Stage

Imagine Our World as a Theatrical Stage…

Think of the earth as a darkened stage, you are performing in a most dramatic play. All players have their role in this play, the ‘Play of Power’. You are all so deep in your roles, that you don’t even notice that there are many different roles.

Your performing escalates tragically, but you join together and take an active part to maintain the stage which is threatening to crash.


But in order to preserve yourself, and the stage from further damage, the theatrical management turns the light on the stage a little brighter, so you can see better.

Now a new segment begins in your play, some of you see what has happened because of the added light, the results of the damage, and some don’t want to join in anymore. Not want anymore tragedies on your stage causing even more damaged, because it’s your ground on which you stand.

You want rather to play something else, however, you don’t know what yet. Maybe a love story about being loved, or a Comedy in with a lot of joking; or another variation?  Some want one thing and others something else.

71-Vivir Entre Estrellas

Some want to throw down their role, but can’t immediately. Some simply want to play more affectively and responsibly, realizing that it’s one itself that must alter a little bit, for some this all goes too slowly.

Sometimes you may also be in despair, because some players strictly want to play sad tragic roles.

Some want to play devastating roles, trying to mutually play off all other players against one another, causing no time, and no strength to see the damage being done, they just want the play to end their way.

They do not want to get out off their tragedy role, and they need other players in the same role, so that their tragedy continues on.

They also notice that the brighter lighting awakens more and more players, to what is really going on, and they try everything to keep their power of sadness playing.

They even try, in the quiet, to darken the light, to create more problems, and prefer to draw down the curtains, they even start burning the furniture to make fume so that the players do not notice the negative changes. In order to keep the tragedy going. Still there are very many which join in, although they actually dislike their roles.

The theatrical management continuously puts the stage lights a little brighter each time, so that it becomes translucent through the curtains, the stage is becoming newly renovated and enlarged.

The many joyless need to have it lighter, so to escape from their usual sad roles, and many will finally be able to see better, and follow those which have already gotten out.

Finally realizing that our common performance must be harmonious, so that the stage does not break completely, we are collectively acting in many stages, and many places.

Some of us come along powerfully to repair the work on the stage. Others sketch creatively new plays. Others try patiently to wake the lovers of the tragedy, helping them to make instead, a love story or a comedy. Others pinpoint the damage which already has taken place, moving some players to a variation of roles, for better performance.

We are all in connection with the theatrical management, and are all working for the magnificent ending.

Thereby more and more of us can occasionally leave their role during the performance, and ascend to the gallery of the theatrical management. Where we can gain an oversight on the games course and direction.

71-Theatrical Stage 2

There it can be seen that the original theatrical management had originally sketched a beautiful acting drama, of which we are all a part.

You cannot alter the drama when you escape from the stage, wanting to stand on the gallery. Even if you shout down from the gallery, the players don’t hear you, because they do not understand you, as they are completely involved in their own role-play.

And if you stay too long on top, you lose the stage-connection, that you’re a part of, you must play your part also in the scenes below, so that the co-players can hear you and feel you with them, as they need your strength, as the play is going on for them.

The compassion and overview give you the strength and the power to transform correctively the drama unfolding, the tragedy into a true comedy.

Since the all players understand you better if you join in the play, right beside them, rather than far away, which, however, you chance bit by bit…  Your alterations are for those who want to preserve the play. Which for some is menacing and abhorrent. Nevertheless, are enticingly good ideas.

You are those which interfere among the players.

In this manner you change the course of the whole play and the reward for you is that you become stronger and recognize who you are. You are for not only members of the theatres performance, but also members of the theatrical management !!

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