Important Documents

Important UCC Filings

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Creator’s End Game Agreement.
All Universal Contracts/Soul Contracts are satisfied, finished.  The Experiment in Separation is finished.
Certificate of Satisfaction
UCC Filing – Dec. 10, 2012   Text, Scribd
(Heather explaining this document: Complete Show, 32 minutes)
All is Eternal Essence
UCC Filing – March 18, 2013   Text, PDF, Scribd
OPPT Tool complete:
The OPPT, One People’s Public Trust submitted its last filing in the UCC on March 18, 2013 reconciling everything back to Absolute Eternal Essence.

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I Universal Value (I UV) Exchange
“Each embodiment of eternal essence is an account, a bank, a treasury, and they are self-governing.”
UCC Filing – March 24, 2013   Text, PDF, Scribd