OPPT Explained

 The Slavery System

 One People’s Public Trust Lawfully
Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments

for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems
by Andy Whiteley
February 17, 2013

71-OPPT-IN Bush_snr

Andy has written one of the most easily readable and understandable articles that outlines EVERYTHING to do with the OPPT- the history of WHY and the HOW of the Foreclosures, and a very simple explanation of what is going on. This is probably one of the best articles to share with people who do not understand the background history or “why” the OPPT has foreclosed on their “Governments”. –RTS
Article, Video

71-Energia Humana OPPT and the Concept of Harvesting
by Simon Palmer
March 24, 2013

“The more important philosophical story that stood un-noticed behind the legal story, was one of ‘harvesting’.”