OPPT – The One People’s Public Trust

One People’s Public Trust

71-Text OPPT
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What is the OPPT – One People’s Public Trust?
OPPT and the CVAC:  Article, Video
OPPT and a TIMELINE:  Article

Presentation on the One People’s Public Trust
Ver. 3.1:  PDF, Video (5 min)
Ver. 3.2:  Video (16 min)
Ver. 3.5:  PDF, Scribd

Beginning of Self-Governance… 
The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) is the New Paradigm of living free.
Free to BE who you are and to allow others to BE who they are.  Free to live any life style you choose. Free to travel without licensing and registration requirements.  Free to live in your house without fear of the bank foreclosing. Free to DO the work you do because you have a passion and enjoy DO’ing it.  Living once again in harmony with all your neighbours in your community.  Free to live with all People on the Earth, peaceably, as One with Source and One with Each Other. Free to live as a co-creator with others, being totally transparent, honest and fully responsible and accountable for your creations! Free to live without worrying about utilities, food, transportation, quality health care and your basic living needs.  Free from the Old Paradigm Slavery System forever…