Relationships and Sexuality in the 5D

Relationships and Sexuality
in the 5th Dimension
ADAMA thru Aurelia Jones

33-Twin Flame

Having Sex in the 5th Dimension
by Inelia Benz

“However, there is more to sex than just making physical bodies. The energy used and gathered during intercourse has been used as a tool for enlightenment in various cultures. India being the best known to us, via the use of Tantric Sex.

The energy released during orgasm has also been used in various cultures to manifest and create particular outcomes in our environment. The best known method in the West is that used by Magik. This is the method where the person, or two people, release their creative intention at the moment of orgasm through thought and emotion. Both Tantric Sex and Sex Magik can be practiced with another person or by oneself.”
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