The Gifts you have brought to the World

The Gifts you have brought to the World

12-Lightworker Gifts“It is the time of aligning within your own true selves, a time to spend in contemplation and meditation of what it is that you are to bring into the World, your gifts, your Light, to shine brightly without hiding any longer. For each of you are unique and the gifts that you bring will come into greater expression. These gifts will attract to you those who resonate in alignment with them and there will be more seekers than ever before in Earth’s long history, seekers of knowledge, seekers of solace, seekers of healing, seekers who thirst to know more about their true nature and the that of the World in which they live. You have prepared the way for these beloved souls and they will find the gifts that you offer to help them in their unfolding. The feelings of Oneness will be the prevailing knowingness amongst all of Humanity and all will know that they are loved.”  (Source)

Follow your Joy
by using your unique Gifts and Abilities

Your Angelic Guides

“Each and every one of you has a specific skill set that is uniquely designed to help you achieve your goals.You are the only one who can accomplish the tasks that you have set out to achieve. Your role in this “play” is irreplaceable. Many of you look to others and desire to have the same skill sets or the same abilities as another; not realizing that your own skill set is as equally important. Another person’s skills will not help you to accomplish what you came here to do.You came here with everything that you would need to accomplish your goals; so just be yourself. Many of you are beginning to notice that you are acquiring new abilities and new talents.We ask that you embrace them and nurture your new talents; for these are appearing at just the right “time”, exactly when you are ready to cultivate them.

You came here for a very specific purpose, to shine your light as brightly as you could. You are all drawn to where your light is needed most at any given time.Everyone has their own unique piece that fits into the puzzle here in this grand experience. No two pieces are the same. No one else can shine your light better than you can.

There are many who wonder, what am I supposed to be doing?  By following what brings you the most joy. That’s how you find what you are supposed to do. Some love to paint, while others love to write, while others love to heal. None of these skills are better than another. All of these services are needed and they bring joy to many others because you are choosing to follow your joy. Doing something that you dislike, which does not feed your soul will never allow you to really blossom. You will never truly experience the pure elation that your soul feels when following your dreams if you continue to suppress what you are passionate about.”  (Source)

Discovering your Individual Mision
Consciousness of Nine