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The Indigo Evolution

13-The Indigo Evolution

What is an Indigo Child? An indigo is highly sensitive individual with an expanded awareness of things seen and unseen. They are born with a very deep spiritual base. What do these children and now adults mean to the world at the moment?
These children possess a high degree of integrity and intuition. Many are both intelligent and gifted, often in the areas of art and technology, and some are said to bring healing gifts. According to Indigo Evolution, Indigos often sound very wise for their age; however, they are very sensitive physically, emotionally and spiritually. They easily experience sensory overload to lights, smells, sounds, touching and toxins, and need help in becoming grounded. While their behaviors vary, their philosophy of life is consistent; they have a high level of social consciousness and desire to make the world a better place. They are here to bring the Dawn of the Golden Age!

Starseeds, who are they?

13-Seres de Luz

The Star Seeded Souls
Starseed Characteristics – who and what are we
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