Civil Law and UCC Law

Maritime Admiralty Law

53-Maritime Law Enforcement AcademyCapital Letters – Natural Person vs Artificial Person
(An extract from “Esoteric Agenda”)

The Freeman and Strawman explained  (24:21 – 34:10)
(An extract from the “
Esoteric Agenda 2: Kymatica”)

Jordan Maxwell:
Two kinds of Law: Civil Law and UCC Law

53-Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell – Civil Law & UCC Law
~You are Born as a Corporation Owned Item~
Jordan Maxwell – ‘Occult World Leaders’  (16:24 – 24:12)
You are a Corporation owned by the Banks
Nov. 2013:

53-Willis Claire - EarTag

Jordan Maxwell – LAWS of the LAND vs LAWS of the SEA
The Jordan Maxwell Show: Episode 16
March 20, 2013:
“The United States vs. the United States of America. All started after the civil war. 1871.”
“They owns YOU!”