Your Angelic Guides

60-Agartha 1

“There are also worlds which exist within worlds. A perfect example of this is Inner earth, which is also known as Agartha. This is in a sense a world, with in a world. Agartha exists within your planet Earth and resonates with the 5th dimension. There are several “entrances” to Agartha from the surface of your planet however the rate at which you are vibrating will determine whether you will perceive this world or not. It is physical, it does exist in the center of your planet, and there are inhabitants who live in this world. This world has a central sun, the sun is not a star like your own sun, however it does give off light and energy to its inhabitants.
There are streams, rivers, grass and a sky. Those who exist in Agartha grow their own food and they only use renewable resources which can be found within your planet. There are those who are similar in appearance to you, as well as animals which co-exist peacefully in this inner world.
Earth is not the only world which has inhabitants which live in the inside of the planet. Some of you will be shocked to learn that many of your planets in your solar system house souls with in their center.”