JFK II – The Bush Connection

JFK II – The Bush Connection


Robert Kennedy Shares a Video Detailing Who Killed JFK
“Wow, this video is pretty hot stuff, folks. Thanks to Roth for sending it in.
Not because it’s timely because it was actually posted first to Prison Planet subscribers back in 2003. But because, according to Alexandra at Forbidden Knowledge TV, it was endorsed at a recent press conference by Robert Kennedy, which brings it far more prominence than it might have had otherwise.
We’ve discussed the matter numerous times here – how George Bush Sr. was standing outside the Texas Book Repository the day Kennedy was assassinated, a young CIA agent who participated with many others in the murder of the President. Billy Cooper alleged that the Office of Naval Intelligence was involved, the CIA, and many others who did not want JFK to disclose the existence of extraterrestrials, to shut down the CIA, or do numerous other acts that would have dealt the cabal a huge blow in those days.
Most people still do not know the total role of the Bushes in attempting to bring America and the world under cabal domination.” (Commentary by Steve Beckow)