The Greatest Nation…

 The Greatest Nation… dying on the Face of the Earth

48-The Greatest Nation Dying on the Face of the Earth

 This Is A Wake Up Call To All American People!
For those Americans who are still not awake yet, you better wake up fast!  Tyranny is closing in on you!  It is time to call for a halt to the NWO military dictatorship!!
If you American people love your country, then do something about it and tell others about what is happening!! Civil disobedience and non-compliance is what is needed from you, get off the couch and become more active in stopping the tyranny.

«The world will not be DESTROYED by those who do evil,
but by those who WATCH them without doing ANYTHING.»
― Albert Einstein

48-Renn Bodeker - WWII Vet

Important Message from a WWII Vet (Renn Bodeker)
Dec. 2013: