Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth

63-Jordan Maxwell - The Naked Truth
Jordan Maxwell:
The Naked Truth

Exposes The Deceptions of Religions!

 Jordan Maxwell – The Hidden Truth
(or “The Naked Truth” short version)

63-Jordan Maxwell - The Hidden Truth

Jordan Maxwell’s ground-breaking program reveals the ancient origins of modern religions — must-see information for anyone interested in knowing The Hidden Truth about our ancient past. Historical facts orthodox institutions would prefer you never knew!

Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth
~ The Greatest Story Never Told ~

63-Jordan Maxwell - The Naked Truth 2

Jordan Maxwell’s most important program exposing the deceptions about the origins of modern religions. The Naked Truth: The Greatest Story Never Told presents two riveting hours of historical facts that orthodox institutions would prefer you never knew!
Are the similarities between Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and other saviors and prophets mere coincidences? Or is there a clear and simple explanation that ties all modern religions together?