Jordan Maxwell – Matrix of Power

Jordan Maxwell – Matrix of Power
How the World Has Been Controlled By Powerful People Without Your Knowledge

63-Jordan Maxwell - Matrix of Power

Jordan Maxwell looks into high-power politics, secret societies, the illuminati, Freemasons and how they influence our lives and our future.
Deep within the fabric of our society lie embedded symbols that reveal the underlying ideologies that control the world in which we live. These symbols are signposts that can guide us to uncover the true nature of the men and the elite, secret societies that historically have had the power to control the world with a new world order.

Jordan Maxwell – Matrix of Power

New Realities interviews Jordan Maxwell

63-Jordan Maxwell - New Realities

Part 1The Power of Symbols and The Way the World really Works
Part 2Nothing Operates the way you think it Does
Part 3Maritime Law Rules the World Commerce and Courts
Part 4Maritime Law rules Religion and Economics
Part 5UNDERSTANDING the Power of Words
Part 6The United States is a Privately owned Corporation
Part 7The Vatican Rules the World