RELIGION: Mind Control Mechanism

~ More Effective Mind Control Mechanism ~

 Hell is an invention of the Church
to control people with Fear

 Some Excerpts from Messages…

“For years they used the threat of ‘the fires of Hell’ to control generations of innocent people worldwide. But there is no Hell, and there never was a place called Hell. This should tell you a lot about the evil minds who invented such an idea. Fear was used to control the population.”

52-Religiones Del Mundo“Religions were created so that you would accept, through FEAR and without question, what you were told. They failed to remind you that you all have FREE WILL, so it is up to you to decide what you accept. All religions rule through fear. This was done to control you. It is time to allow LOVE to replace that fear. It is when you see with the eyes of love that everything changes for the better.”

“Sin was invented by patriarchal religion with the prime purpose of keeping people subdued. The prime purpose of religion is to keep the masses thinking they have no power, this is their prime intention. Religion has taught the masses that God is an angry God and that He punishes those that do not obey Him. Sin came about as a way to control what the masses could and could not do. Some religions even went so far as to say that when people sinned they could say a few words that would absolve them of the implications of sinning in the first place. It was said that the wages of sin are death and that people who sinned would not enter the Kingdom of God. This is not true.
There is no such thing as sin. You came here as a being with free will and free will dictates that you can decide what you wish to experience without the fear of so called punishment. There is no punishment because God would not give you free will and then punish you for exercising it. God is unconditional Love. There is no one judging your actions, not now, not ever. You are the only one judging you.”

“Many churches still preach that it is holy to be poor.  Poverty is the false creation of false beliefs–the result of gross and heavy ignorance of the past when man kind completely un-illumined. Medieval churches wanted to assure the people that poverty was God’s will or punishment as a way to keep them under their power.”